There’s nothing to do- except everything

Wow.  Here I am in another place that I know nothing about.  What I do  know is that it’s true that in my life, the only constant has been change.  Once again I have no idea how to work this or where it’s taking me.  Cue Talking Heads- “How do I work this?  This is not my beautiful life.”  
So here I am truly ready for the next chapter. Bringing on my beautiful life by a consistent and persistent stream of change.  Can I blog it all the way through?  I feel I’ve fallen into a black hole where no light is escaping and everything solid has been broken up and dispersed.

My question is how to remain in the slip stream of all that is changing.  I’ve lived in the same place with the same community of people for 24 years.  I attempted to get in deeper in the business of the community only to find myself centrifuged out.  This place is a vortex of energy.  The magma is closer to the surface here.  I’m not just speaking metaphorically.  The hot springs here is not a symbolic pool.  It’s a real place to soak it all in.  Maybe the hot springs has cooked me.  

Poke me with a fork to see if I’m done.

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