2020 Vision

While following the news I’m in a headspace somewhere between intentional apathy and rabid doomscrolling. My heart is breaking at the casual references to civil war and authoritarian coup d’etat as possible outcomes to a Presidential election that should be about making the Earth Great Again, because I’m with Her, now and forever.

To cut to the chase of all that is on fire in this moment, I focus my meditations on one question now, “What needs attention?”

Democracy needs us is the answer. We need to shift the path away from One Man, One Power to All Voters, One Voice.

The quickest answer is to vote. Yes, we have a deeply flawed system. And it isn’t completely broken as long as you actively participate. I believe action is the root intention of the Founding Father. What’s happening now is flowing from their intended result of allowing only white, male, landowners to govern. But we fixed that slowly over the centuries to include POC and women in the voting process. What we haven’t fixed- yet- is getting the influence of affluence- big money and corporations- out of politics. Take the new gentry, the One Percenters, off their thrones and let the rest of us govern. The Kings of capitalism are irrelevant. Long live the Voters.

The Founding Fathers wanted no King. Neither do we.

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